Therapeutic Massage

Our signature therapeutic massage is designed just for you and your needs. A pressure will be suggested by your licensed therapist depending on your needs for the session. All pressure is adjustable and can fit to you.

30 Min - 50$ / 60 Min - 80$ / 90 Min - 110$


Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is the use of suction cups that provide a negative pressure on the skin, muscles, and fascia. This is in contrast to the positive pressure of the deep tissue massage, and can be a very relaxing and soothing experience. Also great for detoxing!


Prenatal Massage

Our Prenatal Massage is specifically tailored for the expecting mothers needs. Drift away while you relax and relieve some of those aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

30 Min - 50$ / 60 Min - 80$ / 90 Min - 110$


Hot Stone Massage

Our soothing Hot Stone Massage incorporates warmed stones that will melt the muscle tension right away.

60 Min - 90$ / 90 Min - 120$

60 Min - 90$ / 90 Min - 120$


Head, Shoulders, Hands and Feet

Looking for just the basics but with all the relaxation? Why not try our new service that specifically focuses on your head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. This 45 minute service will have you relaxed and ready to go!

45 Min - 65$

Soothing Sugar Body Wrap


An experience like no other, enjoy our sugar scrub as it exfoliates and let our body butter melt into your skin with our wrap. While wrapped, relax with a hot oil scalp massage and cold stone face massage.

80 Min - 120$


Soothing Sugar Body Glow

Relax while our personally hand-crafted sugar scrub and body butter are incorporated into our Swedish Massage. Enjoy while our scrub exfoliates and body butter moisturizes your whole body.

 60 Min - 100$

Add-on Services:
  • Aromatherapy------------------

  • Sugar Hand Scrub-------------

  • Sugar Foot Scrub--------------

  • Hand & Foot Scrub------------

  • Detoxing Foot Soak-----------

  • Hot Oil Scalp Massage-------








Reid Massage & Wellness

Body Care Products

Now introducing Reid Massage & Wellness's line of all-natural, hand crafted body care products.

All body products are all-natural, with no added preservatives, chemicals or fragrances, just basic ingredients to make you feel (an smell) great.

All product descriptions and prices are listed under each photo.

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"I just received a massage from Allie and it was great! She’s very professional and listened to every need, made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire massage and gave me some useful stretches and exercises to do when I get home to help with my hip and shoulder pain. I have also used her handmade sugar scrubs and body butter and they work wonders, and smell amazing too!!"

— Delaney F.


Ever felt like you're just a number at a massage franchise or spa? Feel like your massage therapist just isn't hearing your wants or needs as a client? At Reid Massage & Wellness, our clients always come first. We understand your time is valuable and we are here to understand what your body is telling us. We know that you are an individual, not just a number and your massage should be the same.

When you come in for a massage, you're not just getting a massage, you're receiving an experience. From the time you schedule that first massage appointment you've been desperately needing,  to your next scheduled massage; we're with you every step of the way.

A full body assessment, a personalized massage for you and your needs and tips on how to make those wonderful massage effects last until your next appointment is what you can expect with a visit to Reid Massage & Wellness.

Owner, Alexandra Reid, has been a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist for three years with extensive hands on experience. From a young age, Alexandra has always wanted to help people. As years passed, she struggled with her own chronic pain and realized that the natural remedy of massage was vital to a happy and healthy life.

Alexandra's goal as a massage therapist is to listen to her clients and give them a treatment meant for their personalized needs.

Let's get started on a journey of pain-free living.

We are a professional, legitimate and NYS lICENSED massage practice who does not mix inappropriate conduct with massage. to find out more and to join the movement, visit




Scotia, New York



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